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Reuben Margolin

Chunky Move in "Connected" / Photo © Jeff Busby Chunky Move in "Connected" / Photo © Jeff Busby

REVIEW: Chunky Move at The Joyce Theater

Chunky Move’s “Connected,” which opened this evening at the Joyce Theater, is technically about five security guards and a stolen work of art.

But wait, it takes a second to get there.

What we see when we enter the Joyce house is an industrial and yet finely structured sculpture by kinetic sculpture artist Reuben Margolin. Margolin’s creation fills the stage. Its foundation is a wheel, mounted to a metal base, connected to hundreds of fine translucent strings that are threaded through a grid near to the ceiling and finally cascade making a perfect square of lines in the upstage right corner. It is immediately intriguing, even without Chunky’s movers.