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Jonah Bokaer

Jonah Bokaer and Anthony McCall "ECLIPSE" | Photo Stephanie Berger Jonah Bokaer and Anthony McCall "ECLIPSE" | Photo Stephanie Berger

REVIEW: Jonah Bokaer’s ECLIPSE at BAM

Editor’s note: DancePulp would like to welcome Rick Herron, guest contributor and contemporary arts curator. We are thrilled to have him in the ongoing conversation of dance. The heat having finally broken, New Yorkers are back in town, getting down to business and starting a new season. New York Fashion…


"CURTAIN" SACD Performance Jonah Bokaer; Installation Daniel Arsham; Costume by Richard Chai | Photo Pascal Gely "CURTAIN" SACD; Photo by Pascal Gely

Dance Is Not Forever, and He’ll Prove it

One year ago, visual artist Daniel Arsham proposed a set design for choreographer Jonah Bokaer’s new work CURTAIN: “The stage design will be composed of a non-Newtonian substance that I have developed over the last year,” Arsham wrote. “It is a material that has properties of both a solid and of…