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GHOST Part 2

In conjuction with GHOST Part 1, we bring you the performance footage right from the stage. In this video Drew Jacoby, Rubinald Pronk, Prince Credell, and Leo Mujic dance the original piece by Leo Mujic for Jacoby Pronk and Dancers. It was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2011. GHOST…


The Last Tightrope Dancer In Armenia

“I never thought it would go to a dance festival. I was making a film about people,“ remarked director Arman about her film, “The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia,” screened as part of Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.

Stangely, in this simple introduction to the film, Yeritsyan illuminated the key characteristic of cultural dance forms. A community’s traditions, symbols, beliefs and values are often reflected in the way that community moves; the way people express their lives through communal movement. So, when a dance form is braided into the historical fabric of a culture as tightrope dancing was in Armenia, its disappearance is reason to sit up and notice…

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Dance on Camera: Angles for Consideration

Each year, Dance Film Association, in partnership with The Film Society of Lincoln Center compiles a diverse and colorful selection of films to present at their Dance on Camera festival. This year (the 39th for DFA) was no different at participating New York City venues Baryshnikov Arts Center, Lincoln Center, Big Screen Project and the Beacon School.  Dance on Camera offered film screenings, photo installations, lectures and exhibitions during from January 25 thru February 1.

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