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Yin Yue Dance at Current Sessions | Photo Alexis Convento Yin Yue Dance at Current Sessions | Photo Alexis Convento

REVIEW: Current Sessions 2012 at The Wild Project

Alexis Convento and Brandon Cournay created the Current Sessions in 2011 because they wanted to see emerging choreographers take creative risks in a supportive environment. They felt that the most interesting and provocative work could emerge from a working period of only six short weeks. Last weekend, 18 choreographers showed…


Classtivity Screen Shot Classtivity Screen Shot

‘Classtivity’ Makes Going to Class Simple

Have you ever missed a class because it was too complicated to find what you wanted online?, a brand new online database of over 2,000 classes in New York, could potentially solve these problems once and for all. Founded by MIT brainiac (and professional dancer!) Payal Kadakia, “Classtivity” strives…


Keigwin + Co in "12 Chairs" | Photo Matthew Murphy Keigwin + Co in "12 Chairs" | Photo Matthew Murphy

Keigwin + Company at the Joyce 2012

Larry Keigwin, known for his wit and electricity, returned to the Joyce this week for the company’s fifth home season.The mix of old and brand new works presented expected pizzazz but perhaps also a more studious side of the hip choreographer. The evening opens with 12 Chairs. They (the chairs…


BODYTRAFFIC | Photo Ruby Washington BODYTRAFFIC | Photo Ruby Washington

REVIEW: BODYTRAFFIC at Gotham Dance Festival 2012

This Wednesday night the Gotham Dance Festival went cross-coastal with L.A. based BODYTRAFFIC, resulting in some serious fun. In the work of three international choreographers, Barak Marshall, Stjin Celis and Richard Siegel, BODYTRAFFIC displayed their strong capacity for technique, theatrics and overall exuberance. First introduced to the culturally critical dances…


Brian Brooks Moving Company | Photo Matthew Murphy Brian Brooks Moving Company | Photo Matthew Murphy

REVIEW: Brian Brooks Moving Co. At Gotham Dance Festival 2012

When it comes to Brian Brooks Moving Company, endurance is an understatement.  In the opening of the Joyce’s Gotham Dance Festival, the company commanded attention with smooth, seamless movement and an ability to take and give weight with ease.  In its New York premiere, the company’s most recent work Big City mirrored the constant…


Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in "Violet Kid" | Photo by Juileta Cervantes Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in "Violet Kid" | Photo Juileta Cervantes

REVIEW: Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet at the Joyce

Cedar Lake Contemporary Dance held court with a captive, hometown audience last week, like an impossibly hip and worldly friend that fascinates with tales from abroad. For the past year and a half, Cedar Lake has been performing everywhere but the Big Apple, taking up with Europe’s presenters as often…


"Sit, Stand Kneel" | Photo Gallim Dance "Sit, Stand Kneel" | Photo Gallim Dance

PREVIEW: Gallim Dance at the Joyce Theater

Two weeks ago, Gallim Dance opened the doors to its new home in Brooklyn at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew. In addition, the lucky attendees were offered a sneak peak at Andrea Miller’s new work Sit, Kneel, Stand to be premiered at the Joyce Theater June 8th-10th. It was an overwhelming experience, not only to see such exclusive sights, but also to witness the growth that Gallim Dance has undergone.

Gallim has gained its reputation by utilizing Ms. Miller’s extremely physical movement vocabulary coupled with raw emotional construction to expose deep and visceral themes. However, the choreography has never really strayed from its firm roots in the genre of “Dance”, staying true to more traditional choreographic tools.

Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in "Violet Kid" | Photo by Juileta Cervantes Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in "Violet Kid" | Photo by Juileta Cervantes

Cedar Lake Finally Dances in New York

For a year and a half, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet has performed almost everywhere but New York City. But from May 15-27 they are back at the Joyce Theater with two programs. They’ll feature six pieces by six different choreographers, five NYC premieres, and one world premiere. Ana-Maria Lucaciu, one…


"Hemels" performed by Introdans | Photo Hans Gerritsen "Hemels" performed by Introdans | Photo Hans Gerritsen

REVIEW: Introdans at the Joyce Theater

Ballet has always held itself in a different genre, treasuring technique and choreographic innovation within that aesthetically clean framework. Prestigious visionaries like George Balanchine and Jiří Kylián found their own unique ways of transforming the classical to the contemporary, historically breaking new ground and allowing a next generation of creativity to progress and discover new ways to enrapture audiences. One of the national dance companies of the Netherlands, Introdans was met with high expectations for their US debut at the Joyce Theater. Ballet desperately needs new flag-bearers. The result this week was disappointing in its transparency.

Roel Voorintholt, artistic director of Introdans, opened with Heavenly, featuring divinity-themed revivals from three different choreographers. The first work, Fünf Gedichte (five poems), was choreographed by Nils Christe and premiered in 1996.