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VIDEO: Alexis Convento

Founder, Producing Director, and Lead Curator for The Current Sessions, sits down with DancePulp to talk about how the project based organization began, how it’s helping choreographers of our generation, and her own frustrations and goals as an art maker.

DancePulp at Dance On Camera 2015 DancePulp at Dance On Camera 2015

A Conversation on Dance On Camera 2015

Following the 2015 Dance On Camera Festival at Lincoln Center last week, Anna Rogovoy and I engaged in a lengthy email chain on what we saw and experienced. Sit in on our conversation, and share your own reactions with us in the comments: EF:  The content is so well rounded at Dance…


Movie Poster for Documentary Film "First Position" Movie Poster for Documentary Film "First Position"

FILM PREVIEW: First Position

First Position is a documentary tracking young ballet dancers in competition for the the annual Youth America Grand Prix. Outsiders of the dance world often marvel at the discipline, commitment and sheer tenacity of those trying to be professionals in the business. Dancers however, never think twice about what it…


Wendy Whelan in Labyrinth Within directed by Pontus Lidberg Wendy Whelan in Labyrinth Within directed by Pontus Lidberg

Pontus Lidberg’s Labyrinth Within at Baryshnikov Arts Center

Swedish choreographer and dancer Pontus Lindberg’s Labyrinth Within is a series of pas de deux on film that explores the lines between reality and perception. The majority of the 28 minute film, with a score created by David Lang (and recorded in 2009 by The Symphony Orchestra of Sweden’s Norrlands Operan) takes place in Giovanni Bucchieri and Wendy Whelan’s apartment. The two main characters are in the later years of a now stale marriage.

The Last Tightrope Dancer In Armenia

“I never thought it would go to a dance festival. I was making a film about people,“ remarked director Arman about her film, “The Last Tightrope Dancer in Armenia,” screened as part of Dance on Camera at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater.

Stangely, in this simple introduction to the film, Yeritsyan illuminated the key characteristic of cultural dance forms. A community’s traditions, symbols, beliefs and values are often reflected in the way that community moves; the way people express their lives through communal movement. So, when a dance form is braided into the historical fabric of a culture as tightrope dancing was in Armenia, its disappearance is reason to sit up and notice…

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Black Swan movie 2 photo © Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Black Swan DVD Give Away

The much talked about Academy Award winning Black Swan film is coming to DVD! DancePulp interviewees and New York City Ballet principals Wendy Whelan (The Daily Beast article) and Ashley Bouder (Huffington Post article) have weighed in on the movie and it’s been of much discussion within the dance community….