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Photo Tanya Pavlis Photo Tanya Pavlis

Klein & Corazón’s ‘Into The Dust’ Exclusive Video Premiere

Set away from a traditional proscenium stage, site-specific dance works enliven and rejuvenate urban spaces, reimagining their uses and celebrating their unique characteristics. The use of film as a medium only heightens the visual possibilities of a collaboration between camera, space and bodies. Today Klein & Corazón premiere ‘Into The Dust,’ a short dance film inspired by the treasures we happen upon in our cities.

“Over a year ago I was poking around forgotten parts of San Francisco, CA on foot. I ended up in the Dogpatch, a neighborhood that has swiftly gentrified over the past few years, but still has a handful of turn-of-the-century machine shops in various states of disrepair. To call these “shops” actually diminishes their grandeur. These are brick and steel cathedrals of an industrial era. They’re full of texture, grit, and diffused light pouring through huge dusty windows – the stuff of dreams for those of us that live behind the lens. At least for now, until they turn into high-rent condos. Even more reason to preserve them in a visual story.

I wanted to bring professional ballet dancers into this environment to create an art piece with plenty of contrast – elegant lines set against a harsh backdrop. We imagined that this was a place our dancers would discover. It would be their secret practice space…an awe-inspiring world free from distraction and judgment.
-Andrew Klein, Creative Director and Producer, ‘Into The Dust’


Dores Andre, Principal San Francisco Ballet
Courtney Henry, Alonzo King LINES Ballet

Klein & Corazón:

Creative Director/Producer: Andrew Klein
Cinematographer/Editor: Ronn Seidenglanz
Photographer/Art Director: Tanya Pavlis
Mashup Track: DJ Schmolli “Rock of Ages (2012)”

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Post by Emeri Fetzer

Emeri is Managing Editor of and a full–time freelance performer. Emeri most recently danced in Punchdrunk's 'Sleep No More' NYC and in original choreography for PITH Dance. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, with BA’s in Dance Choreography and English from Goucher College, Emeri loves to marry writing with a strong passion for movement. She is also a regular contributor for Theater Development Fund's online magazine TDF Stages.

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