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Victor Mateos

Artist Feature : Victor Mateos Arellano

I was born in 1978 in Madrid, Spain. I am the seventh kid of a wonderful family. My first experience with the arts was in 1991 when I started to study ballet in Madrid at the Víctor Ullate School followed by a scholarship in NYC at the School of American Ballet. For seven years I studied and trained my body in order to express through it. After my formal education I worked with Víctor Ullate Ballet in Madrid, Zaragoza Ballet, English National Ballet in London, Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam, Hamburg Ballet, Dresden Semperoper Ballet, Ballettmainz, guest artist with Jacoby & Pronk and at last Alonzo King Lines Ballet in San Francisco. In addition to my dancing career, I have always worked in mixed media. I never studied, I never noticed it, I just did it. At the present I do not dance anymore. I teach and share my knowledge in ballet, I am a barkeeper and use all my time to learn and do more arts. Life has no meaning if I don’t do arts.

Since I was a child I have always been drawing, sewing, performing and diligently collecting the things that could make me remember a certain moment. These collected items become the inspiration and body of my work helping to both recall and tell a story. Closet doors became an accessible and solid substrate in which to make collages with all these collected elements and gave the finished products a human scale. I keep on collecting and cutting out as much papers, newspapers, books, magazines.. as I can. I organized them by themes. I like to make collages because it allows me to use real images, things already existing. At the same time I have to always adjust to what I have, giving to the end result of the art work its own personality, that most of the times is not even close to the first idea. I use only what I have in my hands

Nothing is made to be beautiful. My work is the result of ideas and thoughts that need to be expressed. Love, sex, confusion, discovering, re­learning, finding, looking, falling, my own experiences, my sensitivity. I do not care if it is correct or not. If it comes to me by coincidence, I like it even better. I try to use elements that are available to everybody. We are all able to create, it is just a matter of doing it or not. I learn from my mistakes, but I keep on repeating them. I don’t believe in perfection, but I want to be it. I want to be as good as I can be. It is never enough. I do what I do, and I do it with love. It does not hurt anyone or anything. All risk on myself. No limits. No time for insecurities. I was told that I live in my own world. I don’t kill people in my world, they don’t starved to death, I don’t discriminate because of skin color, sex orientation, religion… I don’t stone one to death, I don’t own the water or food… In my world we live and share the earth together, respecting and knowing that we won’t be here one day. My world and yours are not the only ones.

This is part of our ongoing Artist Features series, showcasing artwork in various visual and design mediums, made by dancers. Check back often to discover the diverse expressions of the movers you love.

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Post by Kenna Tuski

Kenna Tuski, a Portland Maine native, graduated from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance with honors in the spring of 2013. Kenna was given the opportunity to study abroad at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan in her Junior year at Purchase. In 2013–2014 Kenna worked with pop singer Betty Who as her personal assistant and tour manager. Kenna danced with Nimbus Dance Works and was assistant coordinator of their 2013 Nutcracker Production. She has toured nationally and internationally with Shen Wei Dance Arts and in 2014 became a performer in Punch Drunk’s Sleep No More.

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