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artwork by Alice Klock artwork by Alice Klock

Artist Feature Series

Dance is a lifelong discipline of constant practice, study, effort and creativity. More often than we realize, dancers find themselves expressing the creative impulse in mediums other than movement. Whether they sketch, compose, cook, paint, collage, design, photograph or film they find a different side of themselves from the one exposed in motion.

We are curious about these lesser known bodies of work–these sketchbooks under the bed, these paintings in apartments, these murals on the street. We are intrigued by people we know who began in dance and moved on to other creative careers, so often informed by what they learned as performers. Our new Artist Feature series will introduce them to you. You’ll see what they’ve been making and hear them talk about why they do it. And next time you see them on stage, you’ll feel like you know a secret.

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Previously Featured

  1. Victor Mateos Arellano of English National Ballet, Het Nationale Ballet, Hamburg Ballet, Dresden Semperoper Ballet, Ballettmainz, etc. | collage
  2. John Sorenson Jolink of Doug Elkins, ‘Movin’ Out’, ‘Sleep No More’ etc. | furniture 
  3. Adam Barruch of Sylvain Émard Danse | sketches
  4. Quinn B Wharton of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and San Francisco Ballet | photography
  5. Alice Klock of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago | watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil
  6. Jamar Roberts of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater | sketchbook


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Post by Emeri Fetzer

Emeri is Managing Editor of and a full–time freelance performer. Emeri most recently danced in Punchdrunk's 'Sleep No More' NYC and in original choreography for PITH Dance. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, with BA’s in Dance Choreography and English from Goucher College, Emeri loves to marry writing with a strong passion for movement. She is also a regular contributor for Theater Development Fund's online magazine TDF Stages.

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