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‘Classtivity’ Makes Going to Class Simple

Have you ever missed a class because it was too complicated to find what you wanted online?, a brand new online database of over 2,000 classes in New York, could potentially solve these problems once and for all. Founded by MIT brainiac (and professional dancer!) Payal Kadakia, “Classtivity” strives to inspire New Yorkers to inspire themselves through taking classes. What does this mean for dancers? Any class you want to take whether with a well known teacher or not, in a common dance genre or not, will be listed in one place. You won’t have to hunt for times or prices. And those five tabs you had open with varying studio schedules will now be just one.

While “Classtivity” covers fitness, yoga, cooking, visual arts and sports, it all began with dance. “One day I had my ballet clothes with me and I wanted to pop into something. I went online to Broadway Dance Center and Steps, etc., and looking for class was a nightmare” Ms. Kadakia says, “I just thought, ‘Why is this so frustrating?'” The idea, now the motto of “Classtivity,” was born: Finding a class shouldn’t be harder than taking one.

The joy of class is that you keep up with a passion. The people who do are just more into their lives…It’s important to stay up to speed with what you love to do.
Payal Kadakia, CEO Classtivity

Kadakia knew many brilliant teaching artists in the community whose classes were lesser known. Without a voice online at individual studios they have a difficult time filling their classes. Teachers who jump around at different locations are forced to lure in students through Facebook or Twitter. But what about new students who are not yet keyed into friending and following? These missed opportunities were another reason to have a comprehensive online database. “This allows teaching artists to make a real market for themselves,” she says. It’s helpful for studios too. “Classtivity” has reached out to over 300 dance studios in New York City alone, and they are already benefiting from exposure to new students.

In addition to class listings, the site has an active blog that highlights exceptional teachers and features new hot classes in the community. (So, if you want to try singing, martial arts or a new yoga class in addition to your dance classes you won’t be in the dark.) There are big plans to make the site interactive for classtakers including friending classmates, reviewing classes and rewards for frequent use.

Kadakia explains, “The joy [of class] is that you keep up with a passion. The people who do are just more into their lives…It’s important to stay up to speed with what you love to do.”  So even if you are not pursuing dance professionally, you can get serious about making dance a part of your weekly routine. And if a class is not for you, it will be simple to find one that is. Click ‘book,’ put your tights on, and get out there.

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Post by Emeri Fetzer

Emeri is Managing Editor of and a full–time freelance performer. Emeri most recently danced in Punchdrunk's 'Sleep No More' NYC and in original choreography for PITH Dance. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, with BA’s in Dance Choreography and English from Goucher College, Emeri loves to marry writing with a strong passion for movement. She is also a regular contributor for Theater Development Fund's online magazine TDF Stages.

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