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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

So You Think You Can Dance posterEditor’s note: The following guest post is by The Mɛtəˈfizikəl (@TheMetefizikel), who is partnering with DancePulp to provide elite access into the commercial world of dance.

Over the past 10 years, dance has moved progressively toward mainstream culture. Dance has always been a universal language, but never before have the performing arts been so widely accessible. Due to recent media hype around dance, families now have the opportunity to see dance in the comfort and convenience of their own homes, rather than paying the expensive ticket prices of upscale theatres. Popular shows like “Dancing With The Stars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “America’s Best Dance Crew,” and “America’s Got Talent” put dancers center stage in living rooms of those who may never have otherwise been interested. These shows also allow the common viewer to participate by voting for their favorites, even if they have no prior dance knowledge or expertise.This cultural phenomenon combining media, art, and public opinion has created a new niche in the dance world—one does not seem to be going anywhere soon.

Dancing WIth The Stars and Stomp The Yard

Dance has also found its way onto the big screen in abundance. Box office top sellers such as, “Step Up (1, 2 and is it 3 now?),” “Stomp The Yard,” “Center Stage,” “Burlesque,” “Fame, “High School Musical,” and “Black Swan” not only feature working dancers under Hollywood lights but endeavor to peer into the hidden lives of artists. Of course, dance movies aren’t a new phenomenon, but they do seem to be a current trend. We all remember Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse in “Singin’ in The Rain,” John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever,” Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray in “Dirty Dancing,” and the list goes on. However, new movies seem to focus on dancers themselves and the fight to make it, rather than just incorporating dancing to enrich a storyline. Either way, through the medium of motion pictures, dance builds a greater audience and wins that much more appreciation.

And let’s not forget the immeasurable dance-related resources on the internet. An interested individual has to look only as far as to find endless footage of any type of dance worldwide. Beyond home videos of self-produced dance enthusiasts, early footage of famous ballet and modern dance performances are widely available through online archives. The widest range of dance interpretations can be found online. One popular dance web series , “The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers” features dancers as superheroes, battling evil for good.

Starting early this year, “The Mɛtəˈfizikəl”™ will forge a partnership with DancePulp to provide elite access into the commercial world of dance. Check often to access the minds of the artists who create, paint, and sculpt the dance we see on T.V, the internet, and the big screen.

Peace & Love,
The Mɛtəˈfizikəl

Post by The Mɛtəfizikəl

The Mɛtəˈfizikəl™ specializes in creative and artistic design in dance for film, live stage entertainment, artist development, choreography & commercial work. // You can find The Mɛtəˈfizikəl on Twitter. (@TheMetefizikel)

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