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Believing that the art of dance is important and should be accessible and shared, DancePulp is committed to elevating the dance community to a place of higher visibility and exposure. Through exclusive video content, articles, blogs, forums, and member profiles, our goal is to inform, educate, and inspire dancers of all ages and levels, as well as dance fans of all types and degrees, to this art form that struggles to gain the recognition it deserves. Dance has become increasingly exposed and has gained popularity, thanks to shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With the Stars, and we hope to reinforce and amplify the momentum these pop-culture phenomenon have ignited. While we applaud these efforts, our goal is to provide a deeper, more intimate look at dance. Through accurate, documentary-style portrayals, DancePulp will give a never-before-seen look into the professional field and the lives of the professionals within. We believe dancers should be celebrated in the same way professional actors, athletes, and musicians are, and we strive to enlighten both the dance community and the mainstream public on the importance of dance in our culture. Our conversations aim to humanize the sometimes inaccessibility of performers by delving beneath the surface and delivering the authentic substance of dance. The work we are creating is growing into an extensive library of archival interview footage, which will be highly beneficial for dance education for years to come.

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